Meilan X5 Wireless Bike Bicycle Rear Light Laser Tail Lamp Smart USB Rechargeable Cycling Accessories Remote Turn Led

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Remote control to stay away from complex wiring on bike
· Turn signal light indicated by the red and yellow color LED
· Two laser beams projected on ground marks a safety zone
· Streamline regular visual warning by red color LED
· Choice quality LED ensures high light output, various lighting modes provided
· Equipped with high volume battery to support high illumination
· USB 5V charging, easy to use with computer, laptop, Android phone charger or battery bank
· Housing Made by ABS material from fine tooling,
· Easy mount and release

Package Include:
1 * Meilan rear light; 1* Remote controller; 1*USB cable;
1* Lamp holder; 1*Mount Pad; 1*Silicon strap
1*18605 Battery (built-in); 1*CR2032 Battery (Built-in)
1* User’s Manual (English Language)
1* Retail Color Box

· Casing: Mainly black color
· Material: Mainly ABS, PC, silicon & electronic devices
· Working Life: 1000 times charging, 5000 service hours
· Working Temperature: -20-60°C
· Lamp size: 110*45*30mm, weight 130g
· Controller size: 35*42*20mm weight 17g

Long press the switch for 3 seconds >Turn on

During charging: The lamp is > Flashing

Fully charged: The lamp is> Always on


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