Shopping with Crypto Currency:  

Now is the time possible to shop with Coins Shopy for the first time in the world with Crypto Currency…

Shopping in CoinShopy is very simple. You enjoy shopping, we do the calculation: You choose your product like every internet shopping, you add a cart and you approve the cart.

Then you choose the Crypto Currency you want to pay from the incoming mail.

Your purchase is completed when you send the amount of your shopping cart to your selected Crypto Currency wallet number. 

All of our products have been fixed in US Dollar since they are not affected by price movements. Once you have confirmed your cart, we ask you by email which Crypto Currency you will pay. We expect you to send the current value of the Crypto Currency you have selected to the relevant Crypto Currency Wallet of Coins Shopy. You need to send the basket amount within 1 hour after you receive the mail. For this reason, it is not damaged by the instant price differences on the 2 sides.

How is the Payment Amount Calculated?

The deal should not be affected by price movements. The product has been fixed in the US dollar. The total value of your cart is converted into USDT.

It is calculated how many Satoshi the USDT value is. Then, the Satoshi value of the Crypto Currency that you want to pay is calculated and transmitted to you. We are demanding the value of Crypto Currency Bitcoin parity to pay. Time to pay your Crypto Money Wall. Product shipment.

Coin Shopy has a different alternative payment options. Those who want to shop with the dollar can use the PayPal payment method. PayPal payments are protected by a SSL security certificate.

*Crypto  Currency values are calculated using the current Binance Stock Market values.